The Walls Speak
Clayton Thomas
Jean-Sébastien Mariage
Helen Svoboda

Enregistrement du trio Clayton Thomas, Helen Svoboda (contrebasses) et Jean-Sébastien Mariage (guitare électrique) durant le festival SoundOut en février 2024 à Canberra (Australie).

Quelques mots de Clayton : How wonderful is music ! Let’s end the week with a meditation on listening, new friends and vibrating together. This was the first time Helen and I had played together, and we were lucky to have the wonderful Jean-Sebastian Mariage in the middle of our double basses. Helen SvobodaJean-Sébastien Mariage here we go. With thanks to Richard Johnson for his incredible and consistent passion, and for creating SoundOUT festival. We did this, there, this January. Merci to Miles Thomas for mastering this for your best-possible-listening experience. Hi music. And a big yet subtle thank you to Elia Bosshard for her sculpture, gracing the cover.

A first meeting of three unique string players, hosted by Richard Johnson at SoundOut Canberra, 2024. The music takes advantage or a remarkable, but not overwhelming, acoustic space, to create a crashing of overtones, deep resonant relationships and juxtaposing dynamics.

The walls speak, and the musicians listen.


Paru le 7 juillet 2024

Helen Svoboda, double bass

Jean-Sebastian Mariage, guitar

Clayton Thomas, double bass

Recorded by Kimmo Vennonen

Mixed and Edited by Jean-Sebastian Mariage

Mastered by Miles Thomas

Artwork by Elia Bosshard

Design by Clayton Thomas

With thanks to Richard Johnson for his passion and purpose, and SoundOUT Festival for being an environment where new music can be made.

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