26 et 27 mai 2023
Moers Festival

26 mai : Lukas Ligeti : en même temps (AT, FR)

Lukas Ligeti (comp) Guylaine Cosseron (voc) Jean-Sébastien Mariage (e-g) Jean-Luc Petit (ccl, sax) Gaël Mevel (vclo) Sophia Domancich (p) Amélie Grould (perc) Thierry Waziniak (dr, perc) Diemo Schwarz (elec)

In 2022, the new format @the_same_time was created in Moers, in which musicians play on two stages at the same time and with each other, but the audience only hears what they see live. A few hours later, the compilation of both parts of the concert can be experienced as a whole in the virtual reality moerslandVR. Lukas Ligeti composed the piece "en même temps" especially for this format, which he will work on with two quartets from Benjamin Duboc’s 21-strong Parisian ensemble Icosikaihenagone. In real rain with virtual sunshine – dreamed up in colour in stereo from time.

27 mai : Ensemble Icosikaihenagone / Volumes II, fiction for musicians only (AT, CH, FR)

Benjamin Duboc (b) Sophia Domancich (p) Amélie Grould (perc) Frantz Loriot (as) Mathias Naon (vl) Gaël Mevel (vcl) Jean Daufresne (tub) Jean-Sébastien Mariage (e-git) Diemo Schwarz (elec) Thierry Waziniak (perc) Christiane Bopp (tb) Jean-luc Cappozzo (tp) Alexis Persigan (tb) Jean-Luc Petit (ccl, sax) Isabelle Duthoit (voc, cl) Franz Hautzinger (tp) Guylaine Cosseron (voc) Dorian Marcel (b) Patricia Bosshard (vl)

With a lineup of diverse instruments and an unconventional approach to composition and improvisation, the 21-piece Ensemble Icosikaihenagone, led by French composer and bassist Benjamin Duboc, creates a captivating soundscape. The musicians draw inspiration from different eras and styles - from traditional folk melodies to modern classical and experimental sounds. Together, they weave a tapestry of sound that is both intricate and otherworldly, transporting listeners to new musical dimensions.